Bolacuá Resort – High Volume Dove Hunting (Close to Buenos Aires)
Location: Argentina

The Locale:

Just a short 2.5-hour drive from the megalopolis of Buenos Aires, Argentina, you’ll find the province of Entre Rios and the small town of Gualeguaychú. This rural area is predominately agriculture and loaded with corn, sunflowers, sorghum and wheat fields. In fact, there’s something being grown or harvested throughout the year which translates into remarkably high populations of doves . It goes without saying that our new Gualeguaychú dove area is the closest high-volume dove hunting in Argentina and one of the easiest to reach in the region. With the close proximity to Buenos Aires, this is the perfect three, four or even a short two-day add-on dove hunt.




For this trip, you’ll enjoy a full-service mini-resort and spa called BOLACUÁ, located just outside of Gualeguaychú. This resort is sure to please, giving you the authentic Argentina experience that no other private lodge can offer. The facilities have everything you could ask for, with excellent gourmet foods, several private and public areas in which to mingle, an open bar, several swimming pools and a full-service spa to ease sore muscles after a hard day of shooting in the field. The rooms are spacious and sure to have you completely relaxed by the time you leave Argentina. Expect nothing less than great shooting, easy access, and the most authentic Argentine experience you could enjoy. This is the perfect excursion for a group of heavy shooters; or an ideal family outing where the guys go out shooting and the non-shooting companions enjoy touring, shopping, and the rest and relaxation of the spa and excellent service of the resort.

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In Argentina the dove season is year round as the doves are considered a pest and even a plague by the local farmers. As well since the Gualeguaychú area is only a short two and half hour’s drive from the Buenos Aires International airport you not need to catch connecting flights so we can schedule just about any date you want and you can easily spend extra days in Buenos Aires if you have business or just want to visit the Paris of South America.

The Experience:

Ready yourself for some of the finest dove hunting you’ll find on the planet. The shooting fields are usually only a short 20-45 minute drive from the resort allowing you the option to either have typical Argentine Asado in the field every day or return to the lodge for a hot lunch and siesta in between morning and afternoon shoots. The trip originates in Buenos Aires where our agents will meet you and assist you through customs transfer. Then, you’ll enjoy you a short 2.5-hour trip north to Gualeguaychú. Once you arrive, you’ll have time to get settled in and have lunch before heading out for the first afternoon’s shoot. The following two or three days are full shooting days with lunch in the field. The last day will be a morning shoot only. After the shoot, you’ll have plenty of time to have lunch, get packed up and return to Buenos Aires for your flight back to the States. For those wanting to spend a little more time in Argentina, we would be glad to assist you with hotel rooms or extra tours and transfers in needed.