Cuba’s Incredible Flats Fishing
Location: Cuba

The Locale:

Cuba has long been the forbidden island for U.S. Residents to experience while our closest allies; Briton’s and Canadians have been enjoying this incredible fishery for years. The recent changes in people to people and thawing relations with this Caribbean country have now made it possible for U.S. citizens to go, legally! Our mostly Italian partners have created one the most renowned fishing operations in the world by locking up the most pristine fishing areas along the coast of Cuba. From exclusives mother ships to beachfront resorts where your non-fishing partner can enjoy the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean, they have packages that fit almost anyone’s needs. The fishing is incredible as these fish have seen very little pressure and are not as spooky as most well known flats fishing areas. In fact they have the grand slam club of fly-fishing and it is not uncommon for at least one person per week to get the elusive catch. Most of the trips fish in the pristine waters in the newly formed Cuban National Marine Park. Our outfitters have exclusive rights under a special permit to fish and dive the many unspoiled and uninhabited islands and keys along the southern side of Cuba as their research of this amazing fishery continues. By research we mean serious light tackle and fly-fishing on a catch and release bases where the fish are logged, tagged for the better understanding of the fishery and migration patterns of the fish. The accommodations are from good to great depending on the location you choose, the mother ships offer first class accommodations and service while the “Resorts are very nice and privates lodges have everything you could want, just a little further to the fishing grounds. All of the guides and staff are trained to show you the incredible nature that is available in the national park. The guides and staff in fact have all graduated from a special school (established by our partners) to learn English and the art of fly-fishing, casting, service and of course fishing as well as the importance of taking care of this amazing natural resource. Cuba again offers the very best opportunity to catch the fabled grand slam as well the grand, grand slam of anywhere in the world and the best part is it is only a short distance for the States. Plan your travel now before the complete travel ban goes away and historic old culture of Cuba goes away with the heavy influx of American tourists.





JARDINES DE LA REINA: Is a vast Marine Park, bigger in size than the Florida Keys. Jardines de la Reina is ideal for the fly-fisherman who wish to live and experience fishing from dawn till dusk. Here we offer more fishing hours than any other destination. Jardines is the destination for those looking for adventure, absolutely amazing food featuring fresh seafood daily, with all the modern comforts. You will be transferred by private shuttle bus from Havana to Jucaro port, were you board a 3-hour ferry ride to your final destination, approximately 60 miles from the Jucaro port. In Jardines de la Reina Avalon is equipped with our floating hotel, The Tortuga (1-14 anglers), and 4 luxury yachts; Avalon Fleet I ( Groups of 8 to 12 anglers), Avalon Fleet II (groups of 10 to 14 anglers), Halcon (groups of 6 to 8 anglers) and for smaller groups, we offer 2 yachts, La Reina (groups of 4) and Caballones (groups of 4 to 6). All accommodations are equipped with air conditioning, large dining areas and an exclusive crew. Guests partaking in any of these excursions will have their fishing dreams met the moment they step aboard.

ISLA DE LA JUVENTUD: Is a marine park located at approximately the same longitude as Havana. To reach our two destinations on the Island, Avalon guests chartered out on a national airline, and in only 35 minutes arrive to the main city of Nueva Gerona. Here you will be transferred by a short drive to Hotel Rancho (1-8 anglers), or one of our two live aboard yachts: the Georgiana and the Perola (groups of 6 anglers). This is the ideal destination for the fisherman with an obsession to hook a monster Tarpon. Between March and June we have caught and released Tarpon around 100 pounds, that always exceed our expectations. Hotel Rancho offers single rooms to groups of up to eight fishermen. The hotel has comfortable rooms with queen size beds, air conditioning, storage space and excellent restroom facilities. Maid service is daily and they offer daily laundry on request. Another option within the Isla de Juventud is our exclusive star yacht, The Perola. This impressive 75 foot vessel is used for week long excursions to the most remote areas of the (Archipiélago Canarreos), with visits to Cayo Campo, Cayo Rosario and the Cantilies islands. The Perola is a spectacular and recently restored yacht, and is the perfect vessel for a group of up to six anglers. Accommodations include comfortable cabins, four with single bunks and the remainder with queen-size beds. The Perola features great showers with hot water throughout the day. Cabins have spacious storage to accommodate any angler’s needs, and the food makes the trip worthwhile. The GEORGIANA is a 110 foot yacht that hosts week long trips to the most remote areas of the Canarreos Archipelago. This world famous chain of islands runs eighty miles from the Isla de la Juventud all the way to Cayo The fishing in Cuba is off the charts and until recently when the Ocean Foundation teamed up with the Cuban Government and our outfitters it was prohibited for US residents to experience. Now with the People to people and educational “visa’s” you are able to see it first hand! GEORGIANA PEROLA Largo. There are six very comfortable air-conditioned cabins below deck, large storage space, restrooms with showers and hot water. The top deck features a covered area that is great for lounging in the shade, while enjoying the sea breeze. To keep guests comfortable and protected from bugs, windy and/or bad weather the top deck can be completely closed with clear plastic coverings. A full sized, air-conditioned salon on the main deck can also be utilized as a living and dining area in case of extreme weather. There is a large bar where appetizers and cocktails are served after fishing or before going to bed, and of course dining on Georgiana is phenomenal. Fresh fish and conch from the surrounding waters is abundant and featured in most of the daily meals. Salads with fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits are always available. Excellent pork and chicken entrees are also served during the week. Fresh sashimi and Italian style pizzas are some of the gourmet appetizers served alongside some of the finest frozen Daiquiris, Cuba Libre and Mojitos making your afternoons and evening an unforgettable culinary experience. Fishing off the Georgiana: you will navigate and fish the east side of the Canarreos. After intensive research we have assigned 10 different areas within this zone. We are planning to introduce a rotation system, similar to the extremely successful system currently used in Cayo Largo. Creating reduced fishing pressure in each area and not easily spooked fish, with increased success rates. Our guides are being trained with this method and the results are even better than expected.

CAYO LARGO: (1-12 anglers) Avalon began managing this top destination in April of 2008. We are striving to create and maintain a destination where anglers can enjoy the natural wonders of this area with their families and non fishing partners. Anglers can wade for a bonefish barefoot while their family relaxes on white sandy beaches, enjoys a cocktail by the pool or, any of the numerous local activities and sights. You can fish during the day and enjoy the local beauty and entertainment by night. It doesn’t get better than this. Undoubtedly, Cayo Largo is one of the top three fishing destinations in the world for the anxiously awaited Grand Slam. Cayo Largo boasts a plentiful amount of Permit, large Bonefish and other species such as Tarpon, Snooks, Jacks and Barracudas. Hotel Sol is luxury resort that features, a club house for daily activities, Spanish classes, pool bar, culinary lessons, ballroom for evening entertainment, diving school, and a health center with gym, spa, sauna, Jacuzzi, and steam bath. There are two tennis courts, general recreational area, bike rentals, eco tours, dance classes, and many other services. The hotel also offers an aquatic sports center and cultural activity club.

CAYO CRUZ: Located on the north shore of the eastern province of Camaguey, the Cayo Romano/ Cayo Cruz fishery is an enormous system of flats, lagoons and pristine estuaries. Located in Jardines del Rey, commercial fishing is strictly forbidden in this designated area and rigorously enforced by the Cuban Government. The designated sport fish area is 366 square kilometers in size, meaning that on the average day, each skiff has over 50 square kilometers to itself. The fishing area is virtually untouched and represents one of the cleanest and most biologically diverse ecosystems we’ve ever fished. This destination is incredibly virgin and has only seen anglers for three seasons! The fish are plentiful and aggressive.

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