Dorado Fishing on the Uruguay River
Location: Uruguay

The Locale:

If you’re ready for an experience truly off the beaten path, then you’re ready for Uruguay. This small, South American nation–long regarded as a local treasure by natives–is gradually claiming respect as a sportsman’s paradise. The temperate climate in Uruguay means cool winters and warm summers. The summer months are when the tropic breezes of Brazil gently waft through the region. You’ll explore stunning, tropical beaches, robust ranches, national forests, pristine rivers and rolling hillsides. And some of the best Golden Dorado Fishing on the planet.



La Zona lodge is the only way to go when you arrive in Uruguay. La Zona lodge is located just five minutes from the fishing grounds and offers relaxed accommodations, superb argentine food and wines, and perhaps most importantly. With only four rooms, all with private bathrooms and air conditioners, your group will enjoy the full serenity of the setting. Amenities include a fully-equipped fly shop where you’ll find find a full range of equipment, flies, and lures exclusively designed for La Zona. The sincere and welcoming staff brings together an first-rate environment for enjoying your stay at La Zona.

The Experience:

The Golden Dorado has earned a well-deserved reputation for being particularly nasty. The Golden Dorado–nicknamed the “river tiger” by local fisherman–commands respect as one of the most ferocious freshwater game species in all of South America. Expect knock-out strikes, ferocious runs, and an untamable aggression that will leave you absolutely breathless. The Dorado is a colorfully-painted fish with iridescent green and yellow patterns. The species in this area range in size from four to twenty pounds with some forty- to fifty-pounders caught on occasion.