Estancia Ninette – Dove & Perdiz
Location: Uruguay

The Locale:

If you’re ready for an excellent wing shooting experience that is as calm and safe as there is South America, then you’re ready for Uruguay. This small, South American nation has always been regarded as a hidden treasure by those who have been, has gradually claimed the reputation as a sportsman’s paradise. From high volume Dove shooting to the best Perdiz hunting over Britney Pointers in the world and the Dorado fishing and Duck hunting are superb as well but Uruguay is still relatively an unknown destination for traveling sportsmen. The temperate climate in Uruguay means cool winters and warm summers. The terrain is truly some of the most pristine and beautiful in South America as the roiling hills and endless farm lands will have you wondering why you haven’t tried Uruguay before.



Our beautiful Estancia was built with the sole purpose of entertaining traveling sportsmen who are looking for a laid back first class wing shooting experience. The lodge boasts eight single rooms all with private bathrooms and air conditioners, a large lounge area overlooks the Uruguay river creating a perfect place to relax and recount the days activities. The lodge also has a formal dining area and a traditional “Asado” room (Barbeque room) where hunters can enjoy a cigar without having to go outside after dinner. The lodge also has a pool for those who travel during their summer months and want to relax in between the morning and afternoon shoots as the main afternoon roost is a short 5-10 minutes from the from the front door and most shooting is within 30-45 minutes from the lodge. As with Argentina, the meals and wine are truly a highlight of the trip. Uruguay has it’s own special charm that is evident from the moment you arrive until the minute you board your flight on the way home.


The Experience:

Ready yourself for some of the finest blue-ribbon Dove and Perdiz hunting experience you’ll find on the planet. Eduardo and his staff have the best trained Britney Pointers in South America and again the best part is that most fields are within sight of the lodge. To make this even more enjoyable and being located on a high bluff overlooking the river, you can always chose to take a break from the shooting and try your luck for some exciting golden Dorado fishing. The flight of the Doves back and forth between the fields is virtually non-stop and challenges your abilities to the max. The wholesome terrain consist of rolling plains mixed with patches of woods, providing ideal roosting areas next to food-rich fields of wheat, sorghum, corn, peanuts and other crops. It’s not uncommon for you to fire over 1,000 shells per day at the Doves.