Estancia San Juan – Argentina Duck Hunting
Location: Argentina

The Locale:

When one thinks of Argentina they first think of Dove hunting but the Duck hunting is some of the best in the world as well. While Buenos Aires City is truly incredible, it is in the Province of Buenos Aires that you will find some of the best waterfowl hunting in world. The B.A. Province is one of the largest in all of Argentina and is known for its endless natural potholes as well as agricultural farms and grain fields. Add in the relatively mild winters and this creates the perfect winter waterfowl habitat for migrating and local waterfowl species. Every year millions of South American ducks and geese migrate into the Buenos Aires Province. It is not uncommon to collect 11-15 different species of ducks and geese during your stay and the limits are very generous as well. In short, Buenos Aires, Argentina is every bit the natural wonder its reputation boasts.




Our San Juan Lodge is a beautiful private estancia that was built as a working estancia and the perfect place to call home for your duck hunt. Located only a short three hours drive from Buenos Aires, you will be hunting ducks from the day you arrive and the morning of your departure. The lodge has seven spacious rooms with three bathrooms as well as separate dinning and living areas complete with an open bar to relax in between and sip libations in the evening around the fireplace. As quality is better than quantity, we try and keep groups from six to eight hunters per dates thus allowing single rooms up to seven hunters. You’ll enjoy many modern comforts while enjoying the period beauty of an early 20th-century, Argentine estancia.

The Experience:

Hunting in this region is electric. The many potholes are groomed for the hunters, with only one or two hunters per pond .  The quantities and diversity of grain cultivated in the area provide a rich diet for these exciting game birds. The geographic combination results in ideal conditions for ducks through winter, but many stay all year to nest and reproduce. While the limit per day limit is 40 ducks, it’s not uncommon for you to bag between 25 and 30 in the morning alone. You’ll hunt from dry blinds built with regional vegetation and using water decoys and whistles. To ensure top quality hunting, you’ll change areas every day of your adventure.