Colombia Peacock Bass Fishing
Location: Colombia

The Locale:

Las Lagunas Lodge is located off the Iniridia River and is a incredible hot spot for lots of huge hard fighting Peacock Bass. Located in a protected area surrounded by several indigenous Indian communities, Erik von Sneidern has established a exclusive contract so that no other fishermen can fish these pristine waters. This is all catch and release so the fishery will remain strong for years to come. Las Lagunas Lodge is situated on a rock out cropping and was hand build by the local Indian communities that we have partnered with to guarantee that the communities have a part in the success of the operation. The fishing is fantastic as 30 fish a day is the norm with an average weight of over 10 pounds you are almost guaranteed to catch a 20 pounder on every trip. The lodge will only handle six anglers per week and consists of  10 x 20 single occupancy “Cabin Tents” that are all on elivated platforms. The platforms not only have a screened porch are but the deck provides a great place to relax and watch the jungle after an incredible day of fishing.



Las Lagunas Lodge is a ingenious “Glamp” styled complex really. The complex consists of seven Single Occupancy  “Cabin Tents” that are elevated on wooden platforms for the guests. Each “tent” has a full sized bed and electricity so that you can keep of your devices charged and if needed, a fan to keep you cooler. The complex is located on a rock outcropping and completely shaded so it really never gets that hot. The complex is connected together by wooden walkways and has a bathroom building that is complete with flushing toilets, showers and of course sinks. The main dining or gazebo is all hand thatched allowing cool air to flow through keeping everything extremely comfortable. The main lodge has a bar and TV screens so that we can show everyones photos for the day and if desired watch a movie or two. Each Cabin tent is 10 x 20 so you have plenty of room to spread out and the platforms allow each tent to have a deck that looks out the lagoon.

The Experience:

If you like fast action for hard fighting peacock Bass this is the place! On my last trip we averaged 30 fish a day and the average was over 10 pounds! We do have other areas that we fish that a lot of butterfly peacocks that will average around five pounds but you should catch lots of fish! The entire trip is an adventure as we spend both the first and last evening in Bogotá allowing you an opportunity to experience the culture of Colombia. The trip from Bogotá to the Puerto Iniridia is a commercial flight of about 90 minutes where bored a swift board two hours up to Las Lagunas Lodge. On the way you will see huge rock formations and really get the feeling that you are in the jungle as you cruise up the river. Once at the lodge complex you will be delighted at the accommodations and the service at the lodge is excellent. The fishing of course what you are there for and you will no shortage of hard hitting and tough fighting huge Peacock Bass. While the fishing is great in our main lake, we also have built several paths, some up a mile into the jungle to experience true unparaleled jungle fishing.