Nicaragua Duck and Dove Hunting+
Location: Nicaragua

The Locale:

Nicaragua’s duck and dove shooting has become Central America’s premier location for incredible wing shooting that is only a short flight from the States. The duck hunting is incredible as millions of ducks, mostly teal migrate south for the winter. The teal will migrate all the way to Colombia but some of the larger ducks such as pintails, gadwall, widgeon and shovelers will spend the winter in the tropical climate of Central America. The dove hunting can as well be very good with a mixed bag of both white wings and mourning doves. Nicaragua has huge estuaries with several lakes along the Pacific coast that are a haven for these migrating ducks and dove. Being only couple hours from Miami, Nicaragua has become the place to go for extremely generous duck hunting.



Our hunt headquarters will be the renovated Los Volcanes hotel in the town of Chinnendega. The drive from Managua is about two hours to our hunt area and the trips to the fields will be from 30 minutes to an hours and a half to the shooting, remember part of this time will be in boats to the duck blinds! The Los Volcanes Hotel will  feature single room accommodations for our guest complete with a swimming pool and very casual bar. The food is very good and has delighted traveling sportsmen for years.

The Experience:

The trip originates when you arrive into Managua City. Our agent will meet you as you come out of customs and then transfer you to the lodge. The drive will be around two hours depending on traffic and when you arrive but we will have an ice chest in the van filled with drinks to help make the ride smoother. On your arrival day there will most likely not be enough time to hunt this afternoon so it will be a chance to get acclimated to the gorgeous tropical weather of Nicaragua. The following three days are full hunting days with two sessions per day, one in the morning and the other a late afternoon shoot. The morning ducks hunts will have you in the blinds before first light and will last until everyone shoots their 4 boxes of shells. After the morning hunt you will return to the hotel where you rest up or lay around the pool until lunch. The afternoon shoots will be normally be doves but possibly ducks, depending on which looks better. The dove hunting in Nicaragua is for white wings and mourning doves. A usual shoot will be from 5-10 boxes per half day but again it will all depend on the weather and the migration pattern of the birds. The last day will have you back into Managua City for your flight back to the States.