Rooster Ridge – Pheasant Hunting – South Dakota
Location: United States

The Locale:

When you think of pheasant hunting in the United States the first thought that comes to mind is South Dakota pheasant hunting, with its seemingly endless CRP fields and perfectly managed grain fields, South Dakota is the king of Pheasant Hunting! And the best part is that you don’t even have to leave the country to enjoy this amazing natural resource. Over the past six years South Dakota has continually logged the best hatch rates since the depression to the point that the pheasants are everywhere and the shooting is excellent all season long. If you long for the smell of a corn field, and love to hear the clucking of a running pheasant, then South Dakota is the place for you. Pheasant hunting in South Dakota is an experience you will never forget and something you will want to do every year.



Situated on the bluffs above the majestic Missouri river in Chamberlain South Dakota, we are proud to offer Rooster Ridge, a relatively small but exclusive pheasant lodge that offers you the best bang for your buck in South Dakota. The attention to detail at Rooster Ridge only begins with the hunts as this pheasant hunting lodge in South Dakota has a mix of great value and luxury accommodations. At the end of each day, hunters relax in that “down home comfort” setting, and enjoy meals created to satisfy any appetite. We’ve covered every detail, including a game room, satellite TV and a hot tub. The lodge itself includes a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry and daily maid service.

Rooster Ridge has 6 double rooms limiting the size of the groups to no more than 12 hunters at a time, with eight or more have the entire lodge to themselves. If you are looking for a great small comfortable lodge, some of the best pheasant hunting in South Dakota during the day and relaxing private accommodations at night with of course hearty meals, Rooster Ridge is for you.

The Experience:

Enjoy 7,000 + acres of South Dakota’s best pheasant hunting habitat. At Rooster Ridge we spend the offseason preparing the critical pheasant habitat so when you arrive, the pheasants are where they need to be. As any hunter knows, South Dakota is the Golden Triangle of pheasant hunting but that’s not enough for us at Rooster Ridge Lodge. We make sure that every acre of our pheasant hunting property is manicured to be the best pheasant hunting in South Dakota.When you come to hunt with us at Rooster Ridge you will have this pristine pheasant hunting in South Dakota, exclusively for your group and a few other lodge guests. Pheasant hunting in South Dakota is that much better when you have wide open spaces to enjoy!

You will find some of the best guides, dogs and South Dakota pheasant habitat when you hunt with us. Warm up for the pheasant hunting in South Dakota on the clay pigeon range before heading to the field for a exhilarating day of South Dakota Pheasant Hunting. Every guide will focus on you and your group and making your experience in the field the best it can be. When you return to the lodge, head up the clubhouse and enjoy the majestic view of the Missouri River or just kick back and watch the game on one of the satellite televisions. Staying with us at Rooster Ridge is all about great South Dakota pheasant hunting and laid back relaxation for you and your group