Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing – Amazon Lord I & II Luxury Yachts
Location: Brazil

The Locale:

Brazil’s Amazon is one of the world ‘s greatest adventure travel destinations, a land of the triple canopy rain forest, seemingly endless rivers, primitive native people, pink dolphins, the world’s most diverse wildlife including 7 foot river otters, 3 toed sloughs, tapirs, brightly colored Macaws, Toucans and Parrots. The huge black water rivers of the Rio Negro river basin boast over 2,500 species of fish including the mythical Piranha, 300 lb catfish and the hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world today, the spectacular Peacock Bass. Featuring one of the few areas in the world that have never been timbered and have never had a road cut into it, making this a land of wonder where one can experience the same exhilaration as the Portuguese did when they first explored it in the 1500’s. Your trip will begin upon your arrival in Manaus, Brazil a modern city of 2 million people located 800 miles up the Amazon River at the confluence of one of its major tributaries the Rio Negro. From there you will be flown by twin engine turbo prop charter 300-500 miles into the heart of the primitive Amazon rain forest to meet our Amazon Lord I for groups up to 18 anglers and Amazon Lord II for smaller groups of up to 12 anglers, for the most exciting week of fishing in the most awesome setting you will ever experience.




The Amazon Lord yachts offers you the fishing voyage of a lifetime aboard our elite and custom-designed yachts. They will serve as your base of operations for an unforgettable week-long fishing adventure on Brazil’s Amazon River. The Lord yacht line has served as the Amazon watershed’s home for well-known dignitaries and fisherman from all over the globe. The rooms are spacious air conditioned suites with daily laundry service so no need to pack a lot for your trip. 

When you travel aboard the Amazon Lord I or II , you will be treated to luxury and adventure in the magnificent Amazon rain forest.

Our first class yacht contain the following on board amenities for our clients:

  • Completely furnished in lavish mahogany and marble
  • Separate bar on the top deck
  • Fully air-conditioned suites as well as all interior rooms of the yacht!
  • Larger standard rooms with dressers for your clothes, private baths and separate luggage storage
  • Satellite phone
  • Open-air decks (“mosquito free” thanks to the slightly acidic black water)
  • Laundry service
  • Unbelievable food and service that will equal or exceed the finest restaurant!

The Experience:

The Lord Yacht’s offer an unmatched combination of the Amazon’s finest luxury yacht with some of the best peacock bass fishing in the world. You will be fishing out of American-designed, custom-made bass boats, with some of  the most knowledgeable Amazon Peacock Bass guides in Brazil creating the most enjoyable Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trip possible. Once you board the Amazon Lord, you will see why they are the gold standard for Amazon luxury yachts! Due to changing water levels, “MOBILITY” is the key to reaching these remote locations for Trophy Fish and the Lord  can get you there as well as a perfect base of operations for an unforgettable, week-long fishing adventure to Brazil’s Amazon tributaries.  

A World Class Adventure

There’s one thing for sure – whether it be fighting a Monster Peacock Bass with its Tackle-Busting, Top-Water Action, or battling the world-renowned Giant Amazon Catfish, once you go you’ll be anxious to return to the rivers of the Amazon for yet another round in the hunt for these hard-hitting fish!  Our customers will tell you that we are the top choice for Amazon River Tours and Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trips.

Our yachts are not only the perfect home base for your rain forest experience, but our staff will provide you with unparalleled service and will strive to make your vacation an enjoyable and memorable one. Our Amazon peacock bass fishing trips are an experience to remember and post to your favorite social media site, like Facebook or Twitter. Take a journey into the heart of the rain forest on the Amazon Lord and experience your “TRIP OF A LIFETIME”!